"M.A.S.H. was established for the purpose of restoring wholeness in the lives of all veterans and first responders in the name of Christ. Such wholeness is directed toward helping veterans achieve more fulfilling and fruitful lives in the contexts of their family, church, community and workplace.".

Rather than seeing PTSD as an ever-present disorder, where temporary relief can only be sought through external coping mechanisms, MASH Ministries views PTSD as an injury – an injury that can heal. Through counseling, community, and a personal commitment to Christ, individuals can be equipped with the tools necessary for a successful life both at home and in the workplace. While scars of the struggle may remain, MASH helps veterans and first responders find hope beyond PTSD through restoring wholeness in the name of Jesus Christ.


Following a personal struggle with post-traumatic stress disorder after an 18-month deployment in Iraq, Director Paul Phelps began to develop the concept of a faith-based non-profit organization to assist military members and their families as they adjusted to life affected by PTSD.

In partnership with Paul’s wife Sarah Phelps and friend Dr. Brian Barber, MASH Ministries was formed in 2013. While the organization began with a sole focus on veterans, the ministry has since expanded to include first responders following the tragedy in Las Vegas in October of 2017. Now a federally-recognized 501c3 non-profit organization and led by ordained PTSD Chaplain and member of the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC) Paul Phelps, MASH Ministries continues to make an impact. Based out of Colonial Hills Baptist Church, they hold conferences and PTSD support groups across the nation to restore hope and provide healing in the name of Jesus Christ.


Paul Phelps II.
Director, PTSD Chaplain
Member of American Association of Christian Counselors, Masters degree in Business Administration, Master of Arts in Counseling

After joining the US Army in 1994, Paul spent three years in the Army Reserves with deployments to Panama and Germany. He then joined active duty and was stationed at Camp Hialeah-Pusan, South Korea and Fort Riley, Kansas, with additional deployments during the Kosovo Crisis. In 2000, Paul joined the Wisconsin National Guard, and was again deployed to several locations, including Iraq. During this 18-month assignment, Paul sustained several injuries and received a Combat Action Badge.

Relieved to finally return home, Paul found himself…different. Reconnecting with family and friends proved difficult, as his experience in military combat differed greatly from the events of domestic life. Flashbacks began to haunt his attempts at normalcy, and misinformation that those struggling with PTSD were “monsters” waiting to harm and kill others around them led Paul to attempt to take his own life on multiple occasions. He sought help from the Department of Veterans Affairs, but was only greeted with a two-year waiting list and an abundance of medications to try in the meantime. Eventually, Paul was led to pursue healing through Jesus Christ. By redirecting his focus from himself to Jesus, Paul was able to regain hope, restore his relationships, and return to normal life with a renewed passion for helping others struggling with the effects of PTSD. He has since become a endorsed PTSD Chaplain, allowing him to mobilize throughout the country to provide comfort and hope to those struck by tragedy.

Paul currently resides in Indianapolis, Indiana with his wife Sarah, and their four daughters (Alyssa, Anna, Alexandra, and Ava).

Colonel Charles J. Flesher.
Chaplain Corps
United States Army (Retired) National Field Representative
Associated Gospel Churches
AGC National Field Representative

Rev. Charles J. Flesher served throughout Georgia and Ohio for nearly 50 years. An AGC US Army Reserve Chaplain for 30 years, Colonel Flesher retired from the US Army 307th Medical Command in 2007. Most recently, he served as the pastor of Greencastle Bible Church near Columbus, Ohio for 38 years, retiring in 2016.

Ken Jackson,
Pastor, Shoaff Park Baptist Church
Chaplain Corps, United States Army Reserves
Doctorate of Pastoral Theology

With over 35 years of ministry, Pastor Jackson currently serves in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He has served in various pastoral roles including youth, assistant, and senior pastorates, as well as Christian educational roles such as administrator, teacher, athletic director, and business manager. Two of his own children serve in the military, and he is currently in training for the Army Reserve Chaplaincy while he pursues his Doctorate of Pastoral Theology.

Paul Phelps, Sr.
Master of Arts in Religion, Liberty University Charter Member, American Association of Christian Counselors; Diplomat, American Psychotherapy Association Certified, International board of Christian Counselors

Paul is equipped with a broad range of experience gained from positions including deputy sheriff, educator, school counselor, pastoral counselor and professional counselor at Bethesda Counseling Services, LLC. He has served in a variety of community positions and has assisted with a wide spectrum of issues including abuse, abandonment, drug, alcohol, and sexual addiction, PTSD, relational issues, and court-ordered counseling.

Josh Taylor
Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, Bob Jones University
Part Owner, Taylor Tire of Indianapolis

Josh was raised in a Christian home in Indianapolis, Indiana.He accepted Jesus Christ as his personal savior in high school, and joined thefamily tire business after graduating from college. He and his wife Elizabethserve with their two sons, Gabe and Caleb, in a variety of lay ministries atColonial Hills Baptist Church.