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MASH Ministries

Every day, thousands of men and women at home and abroad risk their lives to keep their communities safe. Military conflict, emergency medical care, and threats to public safety take their toll on the those willing to hold the front lines, and often individuals come home to family and friends vastly different from who they were before. Memories, fear, and guilt plague them – and it seems that no one can understand. When the world seems to be crashing down, who can help? At MASH Ministries, we understand the unique challenges veterans and first responders face when returning to normal life. From fear to depression to the threat of suicide, we’ve been there - and we know who can help. Based in Indianapolis, Indiana and led by veteran and endorsed PTSD Chaplain Paul Phelps, MASH Ministries seeks to restore hope in the name of Jesus Christ and equip individuals throughout the country as they combat PTSD.





Hope starts with people ministering to people. PTSD groups provide a venue where people can open up about their struggles and find hope that only comes through Jesus Christ.

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Conferences & retreats

Created as an outlet for individuals and families affected by PTSD, conferences provide a peaceful outlet from everyday life for personal reflection, relational healing, and spiritual growth.

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